male infertility

The Male Side of Infertility

You’re ready to start your family. You and your partner have been planning for a while now. You’re excited about the possibilities, but there’s a problem —- nothing’s happening. You’re wondering “what’s going on” and you’re looking at each other. You never thought you’d be here, confronted with the “I” word.   Infertility, often seen…

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Common Fertility FAQ’s

When we work with families, we provide tailored treatment plans and programs. However, there are several common questions that come up relevant to fertility treatment. Below are the Fertility FAQ’s we hear most in our office. Top 4 Common Fertility FAQ’s 1. How long should we try to get pregnant before seeking a fertility evaluation?…

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The Modern Family

When you think of family, what do you think about? Collectively, most of us think of fond memories, loving households, special bonds, togetherness and solidarity. Maybe you’re thinking about noisy gatherings, backyard barbecues, family vacations, or silly sibling rivalries.   But if I asked you to close your eyes and describe family, individually, our definitions…

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Fertility After 40

“Her biological clock is ticking”. You’ve heard this one before. That deep need and strong desire for a woman to get pregnant and start a family.  Not long ago, the idea of the internal clock was more than enough justification for 20 and 30ish-aged women to start their countdown. However, with new technologies, ageless celebrity…

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Is Your Job Affecting Your Fertility?

A teacher can feel the weight of the world as she yields to the pressures of student achievement and performance. A veterinarian confronted with the everyday task of caring for sick animals may feel burdened by loss. A lawyer’s interpretation of the law and representation within the legal system impacts lives in significant ways, which…

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Stress and Fertility

Can Reducing Stress Boost Fertility?

“Just Relax”. If you’re a woman that has struggled to get pregnant, these are not words you want to hear. Following this advice, however, may be one anecdote to boost fertility according to a study published in Human Reproduction. While there is no direct correlation —- no how, why and absolute, as they say —-…

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A Word About Fibroids

If you’re an American women, over the age of 30, there is a good chance that you will develop fibroids at some point in your life. If you’re a black woman, you’re even more susceptible. Fibroids are interesting. We don’t know for sure what causes them though estrogen seems to stimulate growth. I know, you…

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