Holistic Gynecology offers affordable conventional and natural fertility treatment options to assist you in growing your family. We welcome the LGBTQ and single-mother communities.

Aroma Therapy

Our comprehensive fertility evaluation includes:

  • Menstrual cycle assessment
  • Hormone testing including AMH levels and other “ egg quality” testing
  • In-office pelvic ultrasound evaluation including saline sonohystogram SHG
  • Referral for male fertility evaluation including semen analysis

Our fertility management services consists of a variety of treatment options:

  • Ovulation prediction counseling (peak fertile days)
  • Natural and conventional ovulation stimulation
  • Treatment of infertility due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and other ovulation disorders
  • Ultrasound assessment of ovulation development to better optimize conception timing
  • Integration of natural treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Mind-Body therapies to enhance fertility
  • Artificial / Intrauterine inseminations
  • Referrals to LGBTQ and single-mother family building support services.
  • Counseling and information regarding sperm donor options