• What is holistic gynecology?
    Holistic gynecology addresses a woman’s health from a “whole person “ perspective taking into account her lifestyle, nutrition, physical condition, stress and emotional health. Here at Holistic Gynecology Inc we focus on the “root” causes of a condition, and develop treatment plans to address those causes through a blend of natural and conventional management options


  • What insurance do you accept ?
    We are an out-of network provider for all insurance companies, which means they will not pay for office visits until you have met an out of network deductible. Then they will cover a percentage. We will file your insurance as a courtesy so you can get deductible credit.We do accept Health Savings Account payment cards, And Flex Spending Cards.
    For visit cost, look at the Fees pag


  • Are there any services that I can use my health insurance to cover the cost?
    Yes. We will  send your health insurance information to Quest Labs, Labcorp, or Medical Diagnostic Laboratory to cover the cost of those test. The laboratory will bill your insurance company directly. If you owe anything, the lab will bill you directly.We will also send prescriptions to the pharmacy contracted with your health plan.


  • Do you see selfpay patients?


  • Do you have payment plans?
    We do not have payment plans, and all fees are due at the time of service.


  • Do you accept CareCredit?


  • Do you take Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare?
    We are currently not accepting any new Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare patients


  • Why are you not in-network?
    Most network insurance benefits do not cover the detailed information session that occurs during each visit. The counseling and education provided is a key part of the holistic approach to health.


  • What’s included in my visit fees? How long will my appointment last?
    Your visit fee will include a detailed history and physical exam, in-office labs, and treatment plan. New patient visits are 60 to 90 minutes duration based on the complexity of your problems.


  • What natural treatment options do you typically recommend?
    Diet and nutritional support specific for the condition, herbal and homeopathic supplements, acupuncture, and mind-body therapies such as yoga, massage therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy and exercise.


  • How do you treat fibroids naturally?
    Each fibroid condition is managed in a customized way using the above-mentioned options to address the specific needs of the patient. We do not manage all fibroid patients with the same treatment plan.